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About House of the Shalako

House of the Shalako evolved from our wholesale business which we began in 1973. After pondering a name for several months, we selected House of the Shalako because initially most of our buying was done at Zuni Pueblo. The Shalako ceremony is the most important Zuni event which occurs each year in early December to bless six new homes.

On March 1, 1976 we celebrated our grand opening with Aretha Franklin performing upstairs in the bank lobby! At that time we offered mainly jewelry and a few sandpaintings. Our first five Hopi pots sold immediately to a lawyer; our first kachinas weren’t on bases and couldn’t even stand alone. We say we are the “American Dream”-after investing a lot of long hours, we have one of the most successful and friendly Native American galleries in New Mexico.

In the late 70’s a gentlemen named J. R. began a small adjunct to the UNM’s Maxwell Museum of Anthropology near us in the Galeria. He would often stop and share his knowledge which has led us to become educators in our own store. In the early 80’s we purchased a collection of a dozen Maria pots. At that time, we became involved with Richard Spivey. When Richard decided to leave this area, Garry became a “pottery trader”. Over the years his careful bying has consistently provided us with wonderful museum-quality merchandise.

Our Mission

Serving Collectors since 1976 The goal of House of the Shalako has always been to offer high-quality merchandise for the best price. We’ve often been told that our store looked more like a museum! Similar to a good museum, we take our educational mission seriously and like to discuss our inventory, the artists and Native American artwork in general. We encourage you to contact us to share and purchase new items.

We’re easy to do business with

We accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

We have a layaway plan for which we accept ten percent of the retail amount as a down payment.

We expect regular monthly payments which depend on the total amount owed. Payment plans can extend from two months to a total of one year (for larger sales)


We happily ship all of our items. We use the United States Postal Service for all shipping. We double box all breakable items and insure them for the full retail value.

We issue a statement of authenticity upon request.

We can provide written information about our artists.

Our Locations

New Location 2009

After nearly thirty three years in downtown Albuquerque, we moved our business to our home. We are still actively buying and selling beautiful pottery and jewelry. We will continue to select historic and contemporary pottery complimented by Zuni and Navajo jewelry. We would enjoy visiting with you by email or by special appointment. Please contact us at 505-869-2044 or

Other Locations

In 2005 we purchased another Native American shop in Sedona, Arizona. It is called Ninibah, which means “return safely”. It is located in Tlaquepaque Center which is on State Route 179. This shop was opened over 35 years ago and has a sculpture called “Last of the Herd” which was featured on the front cover the January, 1974 Arizona Highways. It is noted for the 9,000 karats of natural Blue Gem turquoise on a buffalo skull. You may reach our Ninibah store at 928-282-4256.